Albuquerque for Green Chili Stew

I’ve only had the pleasure of eating Green Chili Stew a couple of times, but every time I look forward to it with great pleasure. Chilis are what New Mexico does best and their stew is unlike any I’ve had anywhere else. The best I’ve ever experienced was with a family who was kind enough to let us crash with their son who we met while on a road trip, but a close second is definitely at Frontier Restaurant.

Operating since the 70s, Frontier does a whole mess of good cooking, but as I stated I rarely, if ever, stray from the Chili stew. There are a lot of places that will offer this delicacy but I myself cannot attest to many of their taste aside from Frontier’s. They got a little bit of everything, so if you happen to be passing through ABQ, they’re worth a stop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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