Amsterdam, The Netherlands for "Coffee Shops"

As it goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” except for this case it is “When in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdamians do?” , I got into Amsterdam off the train and hopped in a cab to my Hostel, Cosmic Hostel or Hotel Cosmos. Upon arriving it was a nice little hostel with great decor. After setting our bags down, my travel buddies decided it was time for the “coffee shops of Amsterdam”. These are local shops to where you can sit inside, drink coffee and of course smoke all types of marijuana. The vibe as you walk into the shop is what you might imagine, very mellow, in one of the shops we went into there was a guy taking a nap. There are full jars of trimmings on the table. After getting a menu, you can place your order just like any other coffee shop, iced latte and a gram of the finest that Amsterdam had to offer. After hanging out in the coffee shop, we walked back in the rain to Cosmic Hostel, you do have to be careful as the stairs are very steep there.

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