Arizona for River Life

A friend with a boat wanted to take a trip to the border to use said boat on the Colorado River. We found a pretty cheap place for rent on VRBO that had its own boat launch and a private beach. It was a little bit out of the way, but overall didn’t hold us back at all since we only ventured out for nightlife one night and mainly stayed in having been dusted by the scorching AZ sun.

The River has a little bit of everything, so if you’re into the party scene, you can park your boat on a beach crowded with other partiers blasting music and enjoying some drinks, or you can just motor further down the way to a secluded beach to yourself. We had a few dogs with us and were mainly busy wakeboarding and making sure the dogs (and ourselves) didn’t get overheated. There are also some rock jumps scattered about the shore if you’re into that kind of thing and aren’t too hard to find.

The one night we went out, we drove to Laughlin, which is apparently in Nevada, but being that we were on the borders of Nevada, Arizona, and California, it was only about a 15 minute drive. We ended up at a place called Loser’s Lounge that had a full-on dance floor that you’d expect to be at a Vegas club, but instead of a DJ, they had a live cover band playing everything from Blink 182 to Ginuwine. It was definitely odd, but drinks weren’t too expensive and the crowd was mellow and fun.

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