Atlanta, GA, United States for The Georgia Aquarium: a complete experience

Unless this is your first time visiting our blog, you know that we LOVE aquariums.  We will find time to visit them on 90% of our trips (when available).  We were welcomed into the Georgia Aquarium recently to experience all that the sea has to offer…in Atlanta, and for a Behind the Scenes tour.  It was pretty cool.  Like, way cool.  Like, “wow, did that whale shark just say hi to me?” sort of cool.  And then there were someBIG issues.  Going to be in the ATL anytime soon?  Here’s what you’ll find if you invest half a day at the Georgia Aquarium.

Please note:  do read ALL of our notes about the belugas and dolphins.  Our words are strong, but they are valid observations about the Georgia Aquarium’s programs and what you’ll see while you’re there.


Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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