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When coming to Austin, you can stick with the normally visited places such as the BBQ, or go party on 6th street. But here are a couple places outside of the popularity that I have visited on my trips to Austin that I have really enjoyed that is not your standard the Greenbelt, Barton Springs, or Town Lake. Not taking the credit away from them but these are pretty alluring in themselves.

1. Cathedral of Junk
The construction of the Cathedral of Junk began in 1989. I do not think you are going to come here and find Jesus but nonetheless it is an experience unlike any other. Vince Hannemann who started collecting and began the construction several decades ago. He would get old discarded bicycles, electronics, street signs, and over 60 tons of just plain old junk. The cathedral was even deemed structurally sound by the city of Austin. So you can feel safe about visiting this odd attraction.

2.Hope Outdoor Gallery at Castle Hill Graffiti Park
While we can all agree that some graffiti that is just sprawling forms of gang signs or proclamations of love can be an eye sore, on the other hand there are some talented people who can do some amazing things with a spray can and deserve to have their works displayed proudly throughout a city. The HOPE outdoor gallery provided a place for anyone to visit. It is the remains of a housing project. But has been put great use. You can email to discuss setting up a spraying session.

3. Percy V Pennybacker jr. Bridge
Spending even a little amount of time in Austin, you’ve likely drove over what is also known as the 360 Bridge. Also one of the most instagrammed places in Austin. It is a feat of engineering, there are 600 short tons of steel and 3400lbs of concrete. The bridge is 1,150 ft long and is constructed in a mind boggling way that allows it to stretch across the lake, without any pillars! There is no part of the bridge that touches the water below.

4. Zilker Holiday Tree
This one is only available during the holiday seasons but, the trail of lights main attraction is definitel a wonder of Austin. It is the tallest man made, free standing holiday tree in the nation. It is 155ft tall and a sight to see.

5. The Texas Capitol
The Texas Capitol building goes right along with the good ol’ Texas saying that Everything is bigger in Texas. 311ft. from the ground to the top of the dome. It is even taller than the US capitol building in DC.

6. Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium
You can watch Friday Night Lights all that you want, Ill take watching over a 100k fans in burnt orange shirts gather in the Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium. It is named after the long term Longhorns coach. Places all over the states try to emulate the first crazy fan base for a college sports team. But we all really know where the true college fandom started.

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