Austin for Brisket and Ribs

Every now and then you come across a place while you’re traveling and then it sort of becomes the thing that occupies your mind as being synonymous with that place you visited.

For me, Ruby’s is that for BBQ and Austin, Texas (not to be confused with Rudy’s, which is also good). Anytime I’m in Austin I look for a reason to go to Ruby’s and for new people to take to Ruby’s so that I can in turn go to Ruby’s and stuff myself to the point of discomfort full of smoked meats.

For my money it doesn’t get any better than the brisket, which has a phenomenal taste that will make your mouth water just thinking about it after you’ve had it. OF course the ribs are good and so is the chicken though I’ve heard the skin can be a little strange. I wouldn’t know because I dare not stray from the brisket, ribs, mac and cheese and sides.

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