Austin for Free Hotdogs and Chickensh*t Bingo

Every Sunday at the Longhorn you have the chance of turning a $2 ticket into over $100 if you’re lucky enough to have a chicken poop in your favor. Additionally, there’s free hotdogs with lots of fixings on Sundays, but yeah, get here early and ensure a truly Austin experience with Chicken Shit Bingo.

The place can get pretty packed so bring your lawn chairs and feel free to post up outside and make some friends. They have beer indoors (not a huge selection) and you can bring your own liquor and they’ll get you a set up (mixer) inside.

Ginny’s got a true Honky Tonk dive bar here so there’s always good bands and musicians coming through. They have a calendar online or just roll the dice and you’ll probably still end up with a win.

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Little Longhorn Saloon

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