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There is a couple things about Austin that I think everyone knows to be true… 6th street is where to party, find breakfast tacos (if you dont know then know you know), find some swimming holes, and that it is a damn good city to find some blues shows. The city itself is so enriched with rock-N-roll history and the blues in general. There is something extra special about catching a blues show in Austin. The history there makes it that much better. You can feel it, you can tell that it is something a little more special than everywhere else, or maybe I am just biased. You will have to see for yourself. In my experience I have found there to be 5 really great places to catch the blues.

Skylark Lounge ∫
Open 7 Days a week, and consistently ranked Austin’s best blued bar (deservedly so) Skylark has a great ambience and overall vibe. As they say ” Part Austin dive bar, part live music venue; bringing you the finest in local & touring music talent in an atmosphere that is private, laid back and relaxed.” This is true, along with their full bar that they serve cocktails from nightly and the dark lounge. It creates a cool vibe, great sound, and a truly unique atmosphere. It is tucked away so look up directions and get to it! They probably have great talent there right now!

Blue Moon Bar and Grill ∫
Blue Moon is a great bar on East 6th Street. It is one of the best venues in Austin to find emerging and talented blues musicians. I always check the line up when I visit the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Blue Moon opens at 3:30PM on the weekends and 4:30PM on the weekdays. Along with the live music, there are some great poker games that go on at Blue Moon.
Weekly Schedule for Live Music
– Open at 4:30 pm with an open blues jam with Jamie Krueger starting at 8 pm until 11 pm.
– Open at 4:30 pm we have another blues jam starting at 9:30 pm with ‘Beyond Therapy’ playing Tejano, Blues and Rock N Roll.
– Open 4:30 pm live music starting at 10 pm.
– Open 4:30 pm live music starting at 10 pm.
– Open 3:30 pm live music starting at 10 pm.

Brass House ∫
Let’s talk about the Brass House for a moment, out of all of the venues on this list the Brass House has to be the best food. They have a fine dining room that is absolutely amazing. Their chefs are incredible. You will have to check the calendar for the shows, but they have a mix of Jazz and Blues. All of the musicians are the best of the best. Some local and international talent. Although there is some type of live music nightly. The jazz is great as well!

Old School ∫
Old School is the Austin for Austin venue. It is in an old brick building right off of 6th street. Great location to carry on after a nice show. Unlike the Brass House, Old School also has great food just not quite so fine dining but more or less, traditional american to the extreme. They probably have the best and up to date bands play. Such as the Eagles of Death Metal and etc. I really enjoy my time that I spend at Old School. Its always worth it

The Continental Club ∫
The Continental Club has a great vibe, it was rated one of the best bars in america by Playboy magazine. They seem to always have great Jazz and Blues going on. You will need to check the calendar as they have things almost every night just not always. There are always great cars to check out and motorcycles outside of the venue. There have been some legends to step on this stage and I imagine that this wont stop any time soon.

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