Avalon, Catalina for An Island Escape

I took my girlfriend to Catalina for her birthday. When it’s your birthday you get a free trip on the Catalina Express to the island and there’s a lot of birthday deals once you get there or when you’re booking your hotel and that kind of thing.

On a whim I booked our two night stay at the Seaport Village Inn. The staff was incredibly helpful and nice so I feel bad dogging the hotel, but it was pretty poor quality. We mainly wanted to be out enjoying the island, so it wasn’t a big deal to us, but if you’re the type of person who’s going to want to relax and fully take in all the amenities of your hotel in Catalina, I’d probably say spend the extra money and don’t stay at Seaport Village Inn. It was just kind of dingy and not at all what you’d want or expect from a hotel on an island, even if the island is only an hour boat ride away from Long Beach.

My girlfriend wasn’t feeling 100% so my idea of a bike ride didn’t really go over too well until we came across the electric bike rentals. Seeing people scoot around in golf cards on the island, I had kind of turned my nose up at, same with electric bicycles, but given all the hills in the area and my girlfriend’s less than ideal health, we did it and it was honestly super fun. We rented the bikes for the day and went all around, even up to the Wrigley Memorial for a short hike through the gardens and up to the monument for a great view of the island. Catalina’s awesome for little trips and has a lot of different options depending on the season. We want to go back in the summer so we can snorkel and maybe scuba dive and camp on the more remote area of the island.

Where I stayed / started

Seaport Village Inn


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