Barcelona, Spain for the Picasso Museum

My weekend trip to Barcelona wasn’t very structured, but I always aim for at least one cultural site per destination when I’m traveling. I was on a bit of a Picasso kick after seeing the Guernica in Madrid, so I decided to visit the Museu de Picasso. Picasso spent some of his earlier years in Barcelona and this museum focuses more on his earlier work. I loved that because cubism isn’t entirely my thing and it was really cool to see the development of his style and some of his more traditional paintings. There was also a whole series of sketches he did of Las Meninas (the famous Velazquez painting at the Prado) which were really cool. He put a cubist slant on them and it was so interesting to see one master of Spanish art interpret another. Highly recommend!

Photos via Flickr users OK Apartment and Melissa Benning

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