Beijing, China for "The Bird's Nest" Beijing National Stadium

The gigantic, mesmerizing, and phenomenal architectural design of Beijing National stadium has kept all the world in awe since 2008. Beauty of this stadium lies in its interesting architecture, and humungous design. While carrying a name “Bird’s Nest”, this stadium is a top most favourite tourist attraction of China. This awe-inspiring steel structure is built in a way that it can withstand earthquake of up to 8 magnitude on Richter scale. All in all Beijing National Stadium depicts the modern architecture of Beijing. Main structure of this stadium is split into 8 zones, and each of them are stable and erect on their own as in one individual building. This stadium had hosted 2008 Summer Olympics, and Paralympics, and will be hosting 2022 Winter Olympics. If you are a sports lover, than whenever you visit China, Beijing National Stadium is a must visit place. Because the architect’s have designed the whole stadium so well that every spectator can enjoy the stadium view, while making an elegant and eye catchy design.
But after 2008 Olympics, the beautiful structure, and architectural design were the only points to attract visitors. As there are no shopping malls, eateries, cafes, or fun places to visit nearby the stadium. That has become a backdrop for the Chinese people, as this stadium was meant to introduce the amalgamation of traditional Chinese culture with modern architecture. Well, after the Olympics the stadium hasn’t remain much of an attraction, and was under much criticism. So the Chinese Government is planning to built hotels and shopping malls near the stadium to attract the visitors and make it as charismatic as it was meant to be.

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