Beijing National Stadium, China for Olympic Games

In 2008 I was very lucky. This year I rewarded with a lot of things. Got promoted at the early 2008 and rewarded with a big gift by my company. They offer me a trip to Beijing for enjoying the Olympic games. Feeling very tempted after receiving this huge opportunity for watching the Olympic games what is most popular sports events in the world.

As soon as I get my tickets and Visa. I set out for making this journey. They offer me 7days stay at the Red Wall Garden Boutique Hotel, one of the fanciest hotels & restaurants I ever have stayed before. They have some great facility and comfortable reservation for their guest.

I enjoyed their food. As they serve most tasty and nicely decorated food.

When the match day come I bought tickets. For buying the match tickets I have to wait in a big line for a couple of hours. It was a night match.

At 7pm (local time) I got into the stadium. It was 40 minutes early so I quickly have a short tour in the stadium shopping mall, what they built recently. The complex is big enough for spending a couple of hours there. I explore almost every part of the mall and buy some tea-shirts which have Olympic logo. Also, there is a food counter which offers so many items what you can try.

It was almost 8, so I feel a little bit hungry. I try some pasta and hot dogs at the food counter. When I was having my mile they announce that the show will begin very shortly. So I finished my mile quickly and run to the stands for grabbing the nearest seat as I want a nice clear view.

The stadium is huge. Having a big capacity of 91 thousand it is one of the largest Stadium in China. The view from the stands was also very great. The seat was comfortable too. Being so crowds it has a friendly team of security staff. They are very helpful and always ask we need anything or not?

This was an amazing experience for me. Watching the Olympic events is seems a dream come true. The stadium was house full and the spectators really enjoy the game. I was watching a marathon and high jumping events. The marathon becomes more entertaining as the game was very competitive. The competition increases its beauty.

I really enjoy here as it was my very first stadium show being in this huge amount of crowd.

Insider Tip

The shopping mall in the stadium is very cheap. You can buy some really interesting things there at a very cheap rate.

Where I stayed / started

Red Wall Garden Boutique Hotel

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