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Bend, OR, United States for Black Butte Mountain Lookout

It was a nice summer day in Bend, Oregon. We decided it would be a good day for a hike. I have heard that it was a good view point. I just did not realize how great it would be. The hike is a little more steep than I imagined or maybe for this particular hike I was just a little out of shape… who knows. As you climb up it took about an hour I think. It was a great hike especially when it opens up and you can see far out into the distance the rolling mountains and hills of eastern Oregon. When you get to the very top there is a cool little building that has a very picturesque presence to it. Snapped some photos and made a cool little video. Sat up there for a bit on the many benches that are up at the top, then on the way back we realized there is a fire look out as well. If you go to the forest service website you can actually rent some of these old fire lookouts. This one was chained off as I think it was actually being used to monitor the area, but can you imagine the view from up top??

Insider Tip

Take lots of water in the summer time!

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Black Butte Trail Head

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