Big Sur for Mountains and Beaches

I don’t know of too many places in Southern California where you can walk from the beach directly into a forest and climb right up a mountain overlooking the Pacific, but I suppose that phenomenon starts right about in Big Sur.

I’ve visited here a handful of times and we’ve hiked into Limekiln on a few occasions, but never had I camped here until this past November. We got a site overlooking the ocean and it was an awesome way to start and end each day catching the rise and fall of the sun while we made breakfast and dinner. The sun would wake me up in my tent and I could take my dog down to the water so we could both stretch our legs while we waited for everyone else to wake up

The site also includes a more wooded area for tent camping, which may have been better given November meant a lot of wind come nightfall. Limekiln is named because it has a kiln up a trail, which you can explore a bit if you’re so inclined. The trail was under maintenance, unfortunately so we opted for some other trails.

There’s plenty to do around the area. It’s one of those kinds of places where you can do nothing and feel like it’s exactly what you should be doing, or you can kayak right out from the beach or go surfing at one of the nearby beaches with a good break. If you’re not into the ocean, there are many, many trails in the area as well as the Henry Miller Library (where you can relax and get some food or coffee or catch a band playing).

Big Sur is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to and I’m always ready to go back.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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