Bologna, Italy for Bolognese Tagliatelle

I must start by saying, growing up bolognese tagliatelle was my absolute favorite and I havent been able to quite kick the habit since. The first thing I thought of when I arrived in Bologna was BOLOGNESE! It is a must try while in Bologna… I mean this is the birthplace of the bolognese.

I had some local friends tell me the best place to go, this place ended up being Osteria dell’Orsa. Dont let the seemingly small exterior or line that you will most certainly see if you go for dinner push your opinion on going there. I have found in Italy that if there is a line then youre probably making the correct choice! There is also a downstairs to the entire place, it is actually a very big establishment that specializes in feeding people and then seating the next. There is private seating but more than likely you will be sat with a table of people that will be a shared space. This is fine as most people are very friendly and used to this arrangement that is not as common in the states or other places.

You might want to browse the menu but trust me, get the bolognese di tagliatelle with some of the house red wine. You will not be disappointed. If you are vegetarian, Im sorry for your loss in this scenario. Im sure anything they have will be excellent.

After enjoying my meal and some wine with a great friend, it was time I headed for a stroll through the beautiful old city that is Bologna and reflect on the big bucket list check mark I had just accomplished.

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