Boston, MA, United States for Secret Streetwear Store "Bodega"

My youngest brother is very into collecting sneakers so I figured I would pick him up a gift before I left the city of Boston. After asking a few people downtown and doing some research on my phone I caught wind of a secret sneaker/street wear store. It is disguised as a convenient store and has a window full of convenient store type products in front of a dusty window, with an average looking front door. When you walk in though you will be amazed! the place is so clean and modern looking. There is nothing about this place that seems like anything you would find in a run down looking corner store. The store is called Bodega and it is kind of the staple sneaker store out in Boston, known for their cool marketing ideas behind the whole convenient store get up. Needless to say I spent a lot of time there and probably too much money haha I didn’t realize how expensive a pair of shoes could be. My brother was very excited about the shoes and loved the whole idea of the store. It was a great way to take a piece of Boston home with me.

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6 Clearway Street Boston, Massachusetts, 02115 United States Here is the address!

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6 Clearway Street Boston, Massachusetts, 02115 United States

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