Brighton, United Kingdom for Fish and Chips and Royal Pavilion

If you wanna get out of London for a while, but not sure where to go, Brighton is your best bet. It only takes about an hour on the train and – bam – you’re already on the coast. You can instantly tell it has a more relaxed and student-y vibe compared to London, and definitely has a soul and character of its own. We roamed the little streets full of shops until we went into this amazing bric-a-brac one that had the best collection of used books I had ever seen, along with a cute little black and white photo booth we just had to use. We had lunch at a place closer to the beach that was decorated like a ship and had the most massive portions of fish and chips one could imagine! Definitely an upgrade from your local chippie. We then went to the Brighton Beach, which I admit wasn’t too exciting in freezing January weather. We explored the Brighton Pier, which was in better shape than most piers I’ve seen during my time in the UK. We also managed to squeeze in a visit to the Royal Pavilion which looks so desperately out of place… well, probably in the entire UK. We had dinner and caught a football in a pretty big pub close to the Royal Pavilion, then went onto this cool little bar where apparently John Peel used to DJ in. After that, it was time to head back to London!

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