Budapest, Hungary for Langos

We started our day by walking across the beautiful green bridge in Budapest that separates the two sides of the Danube river, and as I crossed over the bridge I could see the market ahead and on the right. Walking into the market is great, I noticed that the roof was made of these awesome beams that seem influenced by the Eiffel Tower, even though the architect that design the Eiffel Tower (Gustave Eiffel) only designed the railway station in Budapest. I walked through the market browsing through the cured meats, produce, and items like clothing and souvenirs. At last I walked up stairs to the food market, amongst many stands that were serving all types of tradition Hungarian food stood a Langos stand. Langos is one of the most traditional foods in Hungary. Mine was delicious, it is a fried piece of flat style bread and then topped with sour cream, cheese, and various other toppings. This is definitely a food that we do not see much in the states but, Ill be sure to grab one when I run into Langos again.

Where I stayed / started

Central Market Hall

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