Budapest, Hungary for Open Air Bars (Ruin Bars)

Open air bars/Ruin bars are a big deal in Budapest, there was a day I was walking down the street with my friends and we saw that in between two bars there was this small door way that people kept going in and out of. So being a little curious we walked over and went in, there was a cascading staircase going downwards towards another big black door, this one a bit heavier than the last. We approached the door and opened it as well, on the other side of the door was a huge and raging part, with a DJ playing. The bar was open to anyone, but it did not have a name, and it was built into the ruins of a dilapidated building. This is very common around Budapest and makes the average night interesting and exciting if you stumble upon one of these bars. There are always tons of people and music of some kind. One night we were at a ruin bar and there was 90s throwback music on the whole night which made dancing, laughing, and just having fun even that much better. The next time I am in Budapest I will be on the search for more ruin bars as I think this was one of the best things I experience during my weeks of visting.

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