Buenos Aires, Argentina for Coloso

I stayed in Buenos Aires, such a beautiful city. You have to forgive me, I do not remember which neighborhood this is in. I would go explore all of the different neighborhoods for hours. Towering above one of the neighborhoods is Coloso, a giant skeletal robot which almost looks angry and stoic until the lights across its face make it smile and wink.

I asked around to get more information about Coloso while I was there, apparently, an art collective named DOMA. The structure is almost 150 feet tall. It looks like a normal electricity pylon except for the shoulder spikes and the arms at its side. At night you can see a full display as the heart strobes and makes patterns while the face animates into different moods.

I loved sitting and watching the different emotions of Coloso. Maybe not as scary as other giant robots you might hear of but I certainly can say hes probably the best of them. Hes a giant robot that you could be friends with.

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