Busan, South Korea for Gamcheon Culture Village

Sometimes the urban architecture of South Korea can look a bit too grey and soulless – but fortunately, that’s only if you don’t know where to look. For example, even if the southern town of Busan has in recent years become dominated with Dubai-esque high rises, there are still pockets you can find for that charming, old-school field. One of them is Gamcheon Culture Village, located quite close to the Nampo and Jagalchi area, one that the local artist community transformer into a delightful labyrinth that is a gift that keeps on giving. You just need to step in and you will be amazed with its small winding alleys, gorgeous murals, various little galleries and cafes and shops. Walk up to a high point and you will have an amazing view of the entire village and its colorful roofs and facades. For a true little treat, go into one of the cute little cafes and order a portion of patbingsu, a dessert that involves shaved ice and sweet red beans, favorite among Koreans during the warm summer months.

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