Cape Breton, NS, Canada for a sunset hike on skyline trail

A signature experience for this beautiful island, a sunset hike on Nova Scotia’s most famous trail is one of the experiences that pulls on the heartstrings and makes me wish I could be back in Cape Breton long after I have came back home. You can do this guided or not, I chose the guided tour the first time I visited. You meet at the baseline and set off on a breathtaking journey to where mountains plunge into sun-drenched sea. The walk leads through thick boreal forest. Bald eagles were soaring overhead. Spot the large antlers of over a thousand moose roaming the park, turning the landscape into a savannah-esque setting. On the final boardwalk we descended around 300 steps down to where the ocean plunges 1300 feet below. You can really feel the horizon stretch out to infinity, the waves and wind in constant movement. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch minke and pilot whales surface below. Hold your breath as the sun finally dips in the ocean. As darkness descends, feel completely overtaken by the darkness as your eyes adjust to the dramatic dark and your senses heighten. Listen to the sounds of frogs and chickadees , the bull moose feeding in the distance, and the starry sky above on your walk back down.

Where I stayed / started

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

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  1. jahangiralam758101 May 8, 2016, 12:17 pm

    Wonderful hiking Experience…!!!!!!

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