Carcar City, Central Visayas, Philippines for Special Chicharon and a lot more

Carcar City is one of the nine cities here in Cebu, Philippines. The city has a lot of historical places, one of which is the Catholic church that is just a few meters away from the public market. It is also the point in which two different paths by the circular roundabout would lead you to two different destinations. If you’ll go straight, it would lead you to Southern Cebu. If you’ll go right, it would also lead you to the Southwestern part of Cebu. The city is also known to be the shoe capital of Cebu. Durable shoes are made and sold here. These shoes are also sold in the different parts of the country.

Carcar City is also known for its very famous delicacy, which is the special crispy “chicharon”. Chicharon is a delicacy made from a pig’s skin and some of its fats. It is a small piece of meat that is fried in a boiling kawali (pan) of oil. You know that it is already cooked once it already looks dry on the outside. It looks dry on the outside because all of the meat’s all are already extracted when it was still fried. After the chicharon is taken out from the kawali, few seasonings are placed on it so that it would make the snack tastier and more delicious.

Aside from the chicharon, the city is also famous for lechon baboy, banana chips, bukayo and ampao. Lechon baboy is a scrumptious pork dish that is also known in several parts of the world. It is also very famous here in the Philippines since it is always served when there are fiestas in the different regions of the country. Banana chips are bananas that are cut into small pieces and is fried with sugar to make it sweet, tasty and crispy. Bukayo is made of coconut meat. It is usually dried and is placed with sugar to make it sweet and coloring to make it very attracting especially to the kids. Ampao is also another Cebuano snack that is made up of rice and some peanuts. It is dried and cooked to make it crunchy, sticky and deliciously sweet.

By the time you drop by Carcar City, never forget to have a taste of these delicious Cebuano snacks. It is indeed a must try especially to all the foreign tourists!

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