Chicago for Murals and Mexican Food in Pilsen

In my pursuit of cool public art for my Chicago trip, I stumbled on a reference to the Pilsen Murals. Apparently the Pilsen neighborhood decided to celebrate its heritage through murals to beautify the public spaces. When I hear murals, I’m game! We trekked out on the Pink Line to Western and 16th. Most of the murals run roughly along 16th between the river and Western, in the general area of the Museum of Mexican Art.

These were really very impressive! The use of color was fantastic and they are works of art, not graffiti. We spent quite a while exploring and discovering new murals tucked away. I really recommend this spot to anyone else like me with a love for public art and murals. I’m so glad I found out about this spot.

As a side benefit to taking this trip out to Pilsen, it’s known for great Mexican food! We went to Carnitas Uruapan for (what else) carnitas, and they were amazing! Very authentic, good Mexican food. We got it with the cactus (nopal) salad and that was really good to cut the richness of the pork.

Photos via Flickr user Lucy Gray

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