Chicago for Pizza like a local

Alright so, I do not think there is a food item that is associated with Chicago more than the deep dish pizza. But, its not all that big of a deal to the residents. Most people will find everyone will say go to Gino’s and yeah its pretty good but if you’re popular in the city that is known for something it should be REALLY good.

On my last trip to Chicago I found something that made me truly understand the hype behind the deep dish. The name is Pequod’s. And here like with most good things that are pizza, the crust is where the solid action starts. Its caramelized with cheese on the crust, crispy, and chewy. It is worth the wait on the weekends and such a hidden gem that people must try. It will alleviate any of the distaste of the hype behind it and make you truly understand WHY people are obsessed with the deep dish style pizza when its done right.

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