Chicago, IL for Cubs Game at Wrigley Field

Upon arrival in the windy city, the one and only thing I wanted to do was go to a Cubs game. Outside of the Mariners and Yankees, they have been one of my favorite teams since I was kid. I think I still have the stuffed bear wearing Nolan Ryan’s Jersey that my mom gave me when I was born. Admittedly, I was supposed to be named after him. So after getting settled in at the DeWitt, I popped on to my computer and bought a ticket in the nosebleeds because I’m cheap. The field was exactly as I had imagined it with rowdy fans everywhere and overpriced concession stand food. Perfect. After making my way to my seat with my $50 heart attack food combo (I’m exaggerating but it was very expensive) I was able to look out over most of those seated as well as the entire filed. Even though the ball looked like a dot made by the tip of pen on paper, it was great. You could feel the energy vibrating off of the hardcore fans as they cheered their Cubs to a 5-0 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. If you can time a trip to Chicago during baseball season then you are doing yourself a disservice by not attending a Cubs game.

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