Chicago, IL for Willis Tower Skydeck

To say I am deathly afraid of heights would be an understatement and standing on a glass windowpane 103 stories up in the air is about as ridiculous of an activity as I can imagine. Of course I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and even though I couldn’t stop shaking in fear during the entire ascent to the top, the view was totally worth it. So I bought a ticket after a short, internal pump up session of repeating bad inspirational quotes in my head and calling myself a sissy. Though, it’s funny because the only scary part was the lead up to the moment to when I finally set foot on the glass and looked down. That entire process of being herded through a line feeling like a cow on its way to the slaughterhouse and the final climb in the elevator was mentally damaging. Then you get to the 103 floor and things open up from a weird tunnel vision to an open room with other tourists wandering around staring down at Chicago through windows as they wait for their turn to stand over Chicago. I silently walked toward the edge until I was at the point of no return and took my first step on to the glass. At first I thought I was falling and after a few seconds of pretending I was still on solid ground, I looked down and vertigo hit me like a freight train for a few seconds. Once all of my ridiculous fears subsided the view was unforgettable. This massive city had somehow been shrunken down to appear like a toy model. Absolutely breathtaking. I suggest everyone take a step off The Ledge.

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