Chinatown, Newyork for Chinese Festivals

My first journey to Newyork city. From a very long time, I have a strong desire to travel and see Newyork. The magnificent Newyork city. Most famous and well-known town in the world. Perfect place to live in peace. In the daytime, the place is turning out to be the busiest city of all. But at night, the picture is totally different. It becomes so calm and peaceful.

After taking the Newyork flight from my hometown. I was very tempted to see this city. It took 4.5 hours to reach the NY International Airport. I reach there at the evening. When I step outside from the airport, it looks amazing. Everything there were buildings all around with twinkling lights. How far I look does n’t matter there is light everywhere.

Before going to the hotel, I come to China Town for visiting my old friends who work at a Casino. On the way to the casino, I encounter A lovely festival. After crossing the front gate of China Town, I saw there are holding a Chinese Festivals. Where people wear a lot of colorful Chinese dress.

Some of them dancing with dragon costume. Enjoying events. But at the first sight, I was a little bit confused to see that there were numbers of Chinese people there. That’s just amazing is n’t it?? Letter on I finds out that there were more than 9% of Population of NY is Chinese-born American. So that’s fair to see this numbers of people.

At last, I went to the casino where my friend works. That’s my first visit in NY. I will share the casino experience on my next journey. Stay Tooned…

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