Copenhagen, Denmark for Aesthetically Pleasing and Fun filled Tivoli Gardens

Before my visit to Denmark, I was told many times to set Tivoli Gardens as my top most travel destination, and I was not disappointed being there. It is a great venue, pleasing for the eyes, thrilling for the adventure and rides lovers, and fun filled for children of all ages (and yes I include adults, while saying so!!!). Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world, opened on 15th August, 1843.
The park offers plenty of rides, and good part is that we didn’t came across long waiting queues. Oldest and well known ride of the park is wooden roller coaster called as Rutschebanen (the Mountain Coaster). Roller coasters always attracted me, and this one has historical value, as being the oldest roller coaster still in operation. So this one fascinated ,e the most. Other rides which attracted me includes the Classic Bumper Car, dated from 1926, The Dragon, which is a giant flic flac swing, and the magical carpet ride called as The Monsoon opened in 2001. The park cater amusement needs of all ages, and have separate rides specially designed for kids, which include The Panda, Trolley Bus, Vintage Cars etc.
Tivoli gardens offer their own accommodation services, restaurants, and a must visit Tivoli Theatre. Other than the rides, theatrical programmes were my second reason to visit Tivoli Gardens. They offer a complete schedule of programmes, and fee for most of them is included in the entry fee of Gardens. They display different shows in different theatres and also in Open air. The fireworks show is such a humungous and mesmerizing experience for me that can’t be describe in words. The Tivoli gardens have different theatres such as the Pantomime theatre, Planen- open air stage, and Petzie’s House specifically display kids stuff.
In a nutshell, for anyone living or visiting Denmark, Tivoli Gardens is the must go place. I had a great fun filled awesome day there.

  1. anies1 May 31, 2016, 7:15 pm

    It seems really interesting. I’m planing to visit Denmark, would love to go this park. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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