Dallas, Texas for Tacos from a Gas Station (The best Tacos in Dallas!)

Ok, here it is, I am going to let everyone in on a little secret about Dallas, TX. The best tacos are from a gas station, hands down. You might be able to go get a fancy taco all over the place. But the best hand made traditional street taco comes right out of Fuel City. I was watching a movie at Angelika Theater, when the movie was almost over, I had a craving for some tacos. A friend of mine told me about the Fuel City tacos. I went to go decide if he was right or not, to my surprise there was a line, and the tacos were amazing! They have all different kinds of meats to choose from. I went with the traditional asada with a grilled jalapeno on the side. They said no problem. My food order came up and I felt like a kid on christmas. Ever since I have been going back regularly. It is worth it every time. Especially when they are only $1.40 per taco.

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