Dallas, TX for Drinking like you're in the trailer park

I stayed at the Belmont Hotel, a classy little establishment that is right on the outskirts of the Dallas – Bishops Art District. The area is very interesting as it has embraced the arts culture and has been growing in popularity over the past few years. But to tell the truth, the real hidden gem in Dallas is The Double Wide a not so classy but more trashy establishment situated on the skirts of Deep Ellum. They would be proud to claim the trashy-ness and would add another faux deer head or better yet a jackelope head to the wall in a split second, with drinks like a Yohoo YeeHaw which they call “What happens when a White Russian meets White Trash”. I went in to see a live show, which was amazing in their venue, I opted for the Dang which was SoCo, Lime, and TANG… Yep the orange drink. It was actually really good. For a local experience of Dallas “Yall have to come here”

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