Dallas, TX for Top Golf

I was in Dallas on a business trip, had a few extra days to kill. I love playing some golf but did not travel with my clubs, so what is a man to do? Well, fortunately, I found Top Golf and talked my business mates into going with me. Top Golf is an amazing alternative to a normal driving range, I would even say in some ways its a way to go to the driving range even more as it is fun for the non gold enthusiasts as well. It is a full 240 yard outfield with targets in the ground. They look like large bull’s eyes scattered around the range. The closer you get to the center and the farther out you hit the microchipped balls will calculate a score. But thats not it, you can grab a bucket of beer with your friends to make it a nice outing no matter what. I am going to start looking up to see if there is Top Golf in whatever city I travel to next. Make it really interesting like how we did and the person with the lowest score picks up the bucket of beers.

Website: topgolf.com

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