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Everyone has these memories of watching Disney movies and animations in their childhood, with all the princes and princess and fairytales with happy endings. Even when you are grown up, Disney continues to be a part of your childhood, forever related with the sweetest child’s memories.
A year ago, in June, my girls and I decided to visit the iconic, original, Disneyland park in Anaheim, California. We were so excited that the night before the trip we had a movie marathon watching all of the Disney classics such as The Beauty and the Beast and the Cinderella story.
It was early in the morning when we left our hotel rooms, even without having a breakfast, which was a huge mistake by the way. We arrived at Disneyland park at around 9 am and the queues were already endless. It was overcrowded and definitely hot, which was normal for this part of the year. Our feet hurt and I longed for good old days when I did not have to plan my vacation in details, make a budget and waited on lines to enjoy myself.
We needed 3 days in a row to manage to do all the big rides which cost us a small fortune. So if you decide to visit Disneyland, plan your budget carefully as one soda costs between 3,5$ and 4,5$. T-shirts are even more expensive at the price of 36$, while the hoodies and sweatshirts range between 55$ and 65$. As I had already spent a fortune I decided to buy my nephews refrigerator magnets which were not not cheaper than 3$ each.
Despite all of the money my friends and I spent during our vacation in Disneyland Park, this was once-of-a-lifetime experience for all of us. The whole visit to the park ended with fireworks show which was the perfect closure to our trip to California.

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Anaheim theme park center

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