Dubai for having a drink in an igloo

I heard about Chill Out bar and had to experience it for myself. As I got there, there is an acclimation room that helps you get used to the below 0 temperatures. And then sure thing, you are in a full iced out wonderland of igloos, seating that is made of ice, roses that are inside of sculptures that are in ice, it is absolutely interesting to say the least. What a great experience. The thing about Dubai is that this is not a bar. It is just like a lounge for Coffee so I grabbed myself a cappuccino with some food. I got the Lasagna which was pretty good. As you would expect in the environment. I enjoyed myself and definitely have never been in an environment like that before. I suggest to check that out. It was very cold! Might be a good place to grab a cup of coffee during Dubai’s 114 degree summer days.

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