Dubai for Snowboarding (Oh it can happen)

I initially thought I was starting my day by going shopping in the Mall of Dubai which is the largest mall in the world! It is huge and beautifully designed. There are art pieces all over and a life size TRex in one part of the mall. It was an amazing site. But then, as walking through the mall I spotted someone snowboarding in the distance, for a second I thought, maybe this is a mirage of sorts and I am really out in the dunes, lost and dying…. Well I wasnt. I was in the mall. Inside the Mall of Dubai they have a full snowboard course with slopes, halfpipe, and some park style stuff. It is all built into the mall. Indoors and inclosed. I rented the gear and hit the slopes. It was extremely fun. It was strange snowboarding indoors as if it was an indoor skatepark but it was a lot of fun and something that I did not think was going to be a part of my trip to the middle east.

Where I stayed / started

The Playmania (Inside the Mall of Dubai)

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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