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Howth is an outer suburb of Dublin just north east of the city center. It is about 9.3 miles/15 Kilometers away. We chose to take the Dart train from Tara St. station to Howth. This is a low price and quick option. Round trip is only 6Euro. You can also rent a car and this option will help if you want to drive around the whole peninsula. I know there is also a bus that runs from Dublin City Center Station to Howth but it takes roughly one hour compared to the Dart that only takes 30 minutes.

Once in Howth the smell of seawater came over me instantly. There are endless options for food, coffee/tea, and tourist attractions which I found that the shops in Howth are the main ones. Once I exited the train station I walked straight out to reveal the restaurants and shops on the street side but, we decided to walk near the harbor. I walked to the end of the strip which has a great view of the Howth Lighthouse and Ireland’s Eye which is a small island only about one kilometer off the coast. There were a decent amount of people there but, keep in mind I was in Dublin/Howth towards the middle of October as the tourist season was ending. I have heard that Howth can become very busy in the middle of Summer so plan accordingly. One more thing to mention is the weather. I had a pleasant overcast day, it was a little cold, I was just happy there was not any rain. We talked to a few locals and they told us that it rains a lot there but this is to be expected when in Ireland. Before we left for Howth we ate breakfast at the hostel.

You can easily spend all day eating and drinking in Howth but the real excitement comes from walking the Cliff Path Loop. We walked about 1/4 of the trail since it loops around the whole peninsula and I still wanted to have some fun in Dublin during the day. Once I got up the main ascent I was on top of these beautiful array of cliffs that overlook the bay below. There was an unmarked rest area at the top of the cliffs. We decided to stop there and enjoy the view. You can choose to continue on the trail to see the Baily Lighthouse. I decided on turning around. On the way down we stopped at the “Cliff Stop” which is a cool little cafe and lookout point on the cliffs. A gentleman opens up a little house on his property and sells coffee, tea, and sandwiches. You can even bring your own wine to his patio! We had some tea and enjoyed the view for a few minutes.

After experiencing Howth I recommend anyone who visits Dublin to take a half day to hop on the train to this amazing location!

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