Dublin, Ireland for Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is huge, and when I say huge, I mean over 1,700 acres of land! It is all within Dublin, around 4km outside of city centre. We hopped on the city bus which takes you straight there, a few stops, but basically drops you right outside the park. After we got off the bus we started to walk through the gorgeous park which has a winding path through different areas, there are some with ponds, and then others you are within some trees, then the park opens up to HUGE sprawling green land. There are a few fountains, you can also see where the president of Ireland lives. If you walk across the street, you will find the monument that you see in the photos. It is amazing and towering, it gives a great presence to the park because of its towering aspects. From what we gathered is that, this specific monument is a war memorial. After walking around Phoenix park for quite some time, we jumped back on the city bus, grabbed a chipper and headed to the hostel to relax.

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