Dublin, Ireland for Real Guinness

I headed out from my hotel for the night. I walked around until I found a pub that looked fun and that was playing good music. I found Cassidy’s its a great spot, there were people of all ages mixing. It was a two story pub that allowed you to find seating pretty easily. I have some friends in Dublin and they told me a must try the Guinness. Back home I am not such a fan of Guinness but I figured why not?

I ordered my Guinness and it came with some free local snacks, an assortment of what I found to be strange flavored potato chips and some gummys. Definitely a nice addition. The bartenders there are extremely nice, he gave me a tip on how to save on international transactions at bars around Dublin. Basically he charged me for three pints and if I did not want the third one it would be reversed with no added fee, which allows you to only get one transaction fee instead of three. Such a great tip!

He brought me my Guinness and I do have to admit, you have not had Guinness until you have Guinness in Dublin. It is so fresh, smooth, and completely delicious. I am pretty sure I had him charge me for three more pretty quickly. It must be nice being able to have the beer delivered from only a few blocks away. I never made it to the Guinness brewery for a tour but I think getting a fresh Guinness from Cassidy’s was all I really needed.

I can’t wait back to be back in Dublin to drown in the dark frothy goodness again.

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