Dubrovnik, Croatia for Fort Lovrijenac/ Dubrovnik's Gibraltar

Being a huge fan of Game of thrones, it was irresistible for me to visit King’s Landing’s double. So I decided to visit the ancient city of Croatia, and I must tell you it was an exceptional one as you can recognize many scenes from GOT. Writing first about my visit to Fort Lovrijenac, which doubles as Red Keep in the King’s Landing. This fort is also called as Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar. It is indeed a beautiful place with rich history. Main highlight about this fort for me was the famous inscription carved above the leading door to the main fortress: “Freedom cannot be sold for all the gold of the world”.
The construction of the fort is done very strategically as the walls facing the sea are 12 meters thick, while those on the Eastern side of the fort facing the walls of Dubrovnik are only 60 centimeters thick. The reason behind such construction was that, if enemy attack the fort it could easily be destroyed from the city walls as they are of less thickness.
It was an exceptional view that can rarely be seen anywhere in the world. The majestic beauty of fort is enhanced by the stunning blue sea, Mediterranean trees, calm atmosphere, and beautiful orange and white hill houses. I would surely recommend to everyone to come to this cool place which gives gorgeous sightseeing experience on dazzling sea with wonderful views.

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