Dusit Zoo, Bangkok for Spending Some Moments Near The Wild Life

The 3rd journey here in Bangkok. This time, I am traveling to a Zoo. From the hotel stuff, I come to know that there is a lovely Zoo nearby. So I was tempted to see the Zoo. As I am a wild lover, and it is nice to see the wildlife from a very close distance.

After having my breakfast and taking a bubble bath in the hotel spa. I get myself ready for today’s journey. I pack some stuff for making a picnic in the Zoo. As I heard that this place was perfect for making a picnic.

I reached there in a couple of hours letter. The front gate of the Zoo was just like an ordinary one. But when I entered into the Zoo. It looks fantastic. This place is enormous and charming. Have lot’s of animals and birds here. Most amazing things that I have an opportunity to feed some of the animals. I touched and play with the tiger.

It is an ideal option for you guys if you likes to click some photo. Perfect if you wanted to see their movements from a real close distance. Apart from that there is monkey, heron, horse, elephant and many more. There is some kinds of rare bull and birds what I can’t see anywhere else.

Insider Tip

When you feed them, please be careful or you can get into a big trouble.

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