Egypt for Starting My Next Journey-Pyramid & Temple Visit

You might have already seen a lot of movie on the television about Egypt. Someone thinks Egypt is an ugly place having so much dust in their atmosphere and sand all around. But you have to agree with me in this matter that Egypt is the most adventurous place in the world. Where you can enjoy yourself,

For having a mysterious adventure of my own. This time, I choose Abu Simbel – Egypt for my vacation. Some of my friends even argue with me, why I am visiting Egypt instead of NY or Paris. But that’s entirely my choice to travel there. As I am very interested in visiting Egypt. For checking out if there is any bu-bee trap or any kinds of pyramid monster or Mommy I can encounter or not??

My adventure started, and I reached the Abu Simbel – Egypt in the middle of noon. It is actual too much hot out there. I fell little bit freak out thinking about the fact that I am an Asian and my country is too much hot also. But for some reason I fell unbearable heat. Then I ask the cab driver what;s just happened and why it is soo much hot here. He first smile and then explain it to me that. It was a season of terrible heat at the day and frenzy cold at night.

I come to the hotel. Pick my stuff and gone to my own room what I already booked from the net. receive my key from the counter. One more thing I forget to tell you about, the thing is I choose Abu Simbel for my next destination. Thus why I shifted in this hotels. one bad things about this place is you can find only one hotels nearer Abu Simbel. But the Good things is that the hotel is comfortable and relaxing. Not 5 start but good enough to stay.

Insider Tip

Be careful from the heat.

Where I stayed / started

Seti Hotel Abu Simbel

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