Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia for home away from home (nice getaway!)

In Western Australia there is a Victorian and Edwardian in style, little harbour town called Fremantle. Fremantle narrowly avoided all of the remodeling throughout Australia during the 1970s. This was probably due to the isolation factor that is very much a reality in Fremantle. What Fremantle does have is the wave of live music, hip bars, hotels, breweries, seafood and snacks, and this list could go on all day.

One thing that if I were you, try to see The Fremantle Dockers, we were there during off-season. But Australian Football League is great, it is a rough hybrid of Rugby and American Football. The league is pretty young but in Australia they do not treat it as such. Check out some videos on YouTube. Absolutely incredible sportsmanship, imagine seeing that in person!

Fremantle is going to have the “University Town” vibe because of all of the students.. and well.. beer. There is no problem with that from me, actually so much so that if you cant gain a little perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness while in Fremantle, there could be something wrong with you.

My suggestion would be to check out: Sail & Anchor.

An attraction to check out:
Legendary hell-raiser and AC/DC frontman Bon Scott’s (1946-80) ashes are interred in Fremantle Cemetery: enter near the corner of High and Carrington Sts – Bon’s plaque is 15m along the path on the left.

Top spot to eat: Fishing Boat Harbour is Fremantle’s culinary crux: an arc of seafood eateries tracing the waterline, with something for all budgets. Kailis Fish Market Cafe has been cooking up fresh fish and chips here since 1986.

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