Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea for Botanical Gardens and Hiking Trails

If you happen to be based in Busan, or anywhere else in he southeast part on the Korean peninsula really, and you have a couple of days to spare, then the lovely Geoje, an island admired across the country for its stunning nature, is your go-to place.

Geoje is connected to the mainland, so it only takes a relatively short bus ride to take you there. Once there, you can book tours or choose to see attractions for yourself. Among them are the ominous looking, steep-cliffs of the . Next is the lavishly decorated botanical garden that will almost transpose you into a different place for a moment, possibly because of its architecture that is evocative of the Greco-Roman antique era. From here, you can take the lesser known walking path and hike up to the highest point, where you will see a lovely little coffee shop and even more amazing views, probably the best on the island. All in all, definitely worth it for a weekend getaway.

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