Glacier National Park for Behind the Picture: the Rainbow in Glacier National Park

The story:  It’s not everyday you get to see a rainbow in Glacier National Park.  After securing a campsite we had one beautiful day to enjoy the area.  Midway through daSwiftcurrent Lake in Storm Glacier National Park 1y two though, the most ridiculous storm hit.  We rushed the kids into the play area we’d made under a canopy and then the four of us sat there watching the rain come down harder than meteors.  When it finally cleared, we packed up the kids and headed to the Many Glacier Hotel to relax, warm up and have a nice dinner.

Once at the Ptarmigan Dining Room at the hotel, the storm started again and we watched it sweep through the valley.  Thank goodness for the storm to watch, because the service was poor and the food at the restaurant wasn’t as good as what we had been making in our campsite.  We left the dining room and strolled through the hotel lobby, admiring the amazing lodge architecture and impressive fireplace structure.


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