Glacier National Park for boat tours? 4 reasons to do one

We still haven’t visited Switzerland.  It’s been on our list for some time and somehow we haven’t gone.  We have been to the Rockies in the USA though, and I think that’s sated us.  True, the Rocky Mountains don’t have the quaint villages, but they do have the beautifully jagged mountains, the pristine lakes, the Swiss-style buildings and folks in costume playing alpenhorns.  And there are small, quiet little boats.  Glacier National Park boat tours are a surprisingly wonderful way to experience the Park.

Boating in GlacierOn previous trips we’d seen the boats on Swiftcurrent Lake, and down on St Mary and Lake McDonald, but I’d never given them a second thought.  “There are so many hikes to do.  Why would we go on a boat?”  Enter children and being trapped in a location.  All of the sudden there was a reason to do the boats.  Our oldest, the Panda, he loves the water.  Like, really really loves the water.  He saw the boats and was fascinated…and easily convinced us to check them out.

Details – the Glacier Park Boat Co (GBPC) has been operating in Glacier National Park since 1938.  They have boats on five different lakes in the Park.  The boats are vintage and lend to the picturesque setting.  The cost is relatively low for the tours ($25+-).  There are many departures and you can choose how long you’re actually gone from the dock.  There are even guided hikes you can opt for.  It’s all worth it.  Check out the GPBC website for details.


Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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