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Grand Canyon Village, AZ, United States for sight seeing and photography

I decided to take a weekend trip to Sedona but the plans changed like always. On the way up the 17 I heard the news that the area around Sedona had a fire burning and there were smoke advisories. So on the way up as it got smokier and smokier I skipped Sedona and headed to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was smoke free and the air was very clear making for some good views and great photo opportunities. It was very hot though. I could see people who were not expecting the heat suffer from it, a few people hiking and walking around were talking about running out of water – not a good thing. Make sure you have enough.

After shooting pictures for a while I headed back to the Motel In The Pines for the night – it was cheap. Under 100 for the night and had a king bed and A/C that worked so I was sold. It was not great but definitely worth the 96 bucks. However good luck finding a good restaurant there.

I ended up in Flagstaff for dinner because the options were limited and the one restaurant I went into near the hotel was dingy, loud and basically a whole menu of fried foods.

The next day despite the smoke I headed to Sedona and drove around a bit and took a dirt road into the red rock for the views. I didn’t spend to much time just enough to admire the scenery. Then took off for Jerome.

If you have not been there its a neat little town set on the hill side above Sedona. Definitely become a tourist trap over the years but it is still interesting and it has a restaurant with some of the best burgers I have ever had. Haunted Hamburger has upgraded a bit over the years but that has not stopped them from making amazing food. Since it sits on the hillside the views are amazing, the food good and the beer cold. What more can you ask for?

After wandering around a bit I headed back through the Phoenix heat to Tucson. Definitely a good weekend trip.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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