Hilo, HI for Tropical Hikes and Waterfalls

Took a small family trip to the big island of Hawaii with my folks, my girlfriend, my sister, and my niece. They all opted to stay closer to downtown Hilo while my girlfriend and I stayed at an Air BnB for a lot cheaper. We were on a little bit of a budget for this trip, so having the option of having our meals at our air BnB cut a lot of our cost down and we were still close enough to hit up a nice restaurant when we wanted to splurge. One added cost of staying here was we did need a rental car, but we were kind of locked in for that anyway, so it wasn’t so much an “extra” for our situation as us taking advantage of an expense already incurred.

With the family we hit up Rainbow Falls, which was nice and easy to get to considering my mom isn’t as surefooted as she used to be and my niece can be a bit clumsy on the trail. The Falls are incredible and with the right lighting you really can catch a rainbow there, which isn’t all that uncommon for HI, but if you’re an out of towner, it’s pretty amazing. We also hit up Thurston Lava Tube Trail, which was also unique for us tourists as it’s not every day we can walk through a lava tube.

We also did the boiling pots and a few other trails which we looked up on Google, all of which were great. Hilo’s said to somewhat lacking in beaches but makes up for it in trails and I wouldn’t disagree at least regarding the hikes. I mean, you’re in the rainforest and the natural landscape here is incredible, so if people made an effort to point certain places out especially, you can pretty much assume they’re going to be great.

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