Honolulu for War Memorial Cruise and Acai Bowls

Every vacation needs a low point so after about a week or so enjoying beautiful Honolulu, why not drop things down a few notches with a nice boat trip through an infamous war zone is what my mom must’ve been thinking when she booked us a family trip to this National Park. How exactly this is a National Park escapes me, but we left with an official pamphlet with the thick black bar border like you’d get at Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, so clearly IT IS indeed a National Park.

History buffs will probably love this type of thing. You get a guided boat ride through the bay and get very close to the wreckage while hearing the gruesome details of the bombing and the United States subsequent involvement in World War II.

I know it’s important to remember the past and to pay our respects, especially to those who lost their lives during wartime, but I also know that when you’re on vacation, you only have so much time and money to spend while you’re away. So no disrespect to anyone who lost a friend or family member on that fateful day, but if I had to do this trip over again, I might have put my foot down a little more firmly and opted out of this excursion, as no one left here with their spirits very high.

However, we did hit up Salted Lemon on a lark afterwards, which did indeed help lift our spirits. I had an Acai bowl with bananas and granola and some berries and things while everyone else partook in some fresh juices and sweet drinks. Maybe it was the sugar, or maybe it was the cheap prices and good fare, but we left there feeling a lot better.

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