Iceland for Moonwalking

Iceland’s landscape is so insane and diverse that it’s no wonder that so many movies and TV shows use this small country as a filming location when they need some otherworldly backgrounds and scenery. Crazy geysers and rock formations, pristine waterfalls, grasslands, mountains…If there’s a boring looking place in Iceland, I haven’t seen it yet. It’s probably indoors somewhere LOL.

We flew into Reykjavík and got a shuttle to the hostel called Guesthouse Baldurbrá. It was fairly priced for the city and had everything you’d need but I don’t think anyone will mistake this place for a four star hotel either. We slept in our sleeping bags on top of the beds and had our own pillows. The breakfast buffet was pretty good though.

The city was nice but there are a lot of hikes and walks 20-30 minutes outside the city that are super cool. We did the Blue Lagoon, which was fun but kind of crowded. I’ll also say it’s kind of crazy that you can eat whale and sheep’s face, but I’m not one to judge. I’ve had brain and tongue before so whatever. I will say that the hike to Glymur Waterfall was a highlight so for sure check that out.

Where I stayed / started

Guesthouse Baldursbrá

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