Iceland for The Ultimate Road Trip

I think the hardest places about deciding to go to a different country is trying to figure out what exactly you’re going to do and see during your finite amount of time there while still having enough leeway to adapt and change plans without offsetting your entire course of the trip.

I was nervous about visiting Iceland for this reason. My girlfriend and I had long talked about making a trip there to see the waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, and all the other amazing things that the country has to offer, but it was a little daunting trying to figure out how to whittle down our list to the “must sees.” And truth be told, the most important thing is just to book your ticket and go. You’ll figure it out. You’ll see the most amazing waterfalls on earth and depending how involved you want to get, you could go horseback riding, snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, motorcycle camping, or any combination thereof depending on your interests and budget.

We decided just to rent a car and bring our tent and the essentials then hit the road and check off what we could on our long road throughout the country. You’re technically allowed to camp anywhere as long as it’s not harming the area and you’re out of site from any local property owners. We missed some things but that’s just another excuse to come back.

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